What I care about most today - not making babies

I have been writing less and less on the blog lately – obviously. Basically, this corner of my life has not been a priority lately, as I learn to fit in a more and more demanding day job, and try not to spend all my waking hours thinking, reading, and obsessing about development. I think it’s called work/life balance? Whatever the label, it is important to me that I don’t become so tightly wrapped in one issue (with a multitude of issues wrapped within it, granted). It’s also important to me that my friends, family, and the Mr in my life still find me interesting and not one endless tirade of ‘but we all have it so good, y’all!’

But that’s not the thing I care most about today. What I care most about today is contraception, and the fact that So. Many. Ladies. Can’t. Get. It.

Effective contraception has been around for a decent period of time now. In the West, women have been using it for decades even. Women like me (thank you nuvaring). Over 60% of women ‘of child-bearing age’ (ugh, hate that term) use it. It’s great stuff. It means women, and families, can choose when they have children, and how many they have. It lets women space their babies, which makes pregnancy and birth safer for mum, and improves the life prospects of the child. It means women can plan their lives. Get jobs and keep them. Manage household resources better. And so much more. Here’s some stats:

o   Approximately 10 million women suffer injuries, infection or disease from pregnancy or childbirth every year,

o   200 million women and girls in developing countries currently without access to contraception want access,

o   600,000 babies are born to women who did not want to be pregnant die in their first month of life, and

o   100,000 women per year die in childbirth after unintended pregnancies.

Which adds up to a lot of avoidable pain, distress, and risks to life.

And now it’s time to hand over to Melinda Gates who is making the bold move of standing up in public to talk about the non-controversy that is contraception. It’s a great of the next 20 minutes of your time, and you’ll earn unkown-but-massive amounts of karma by spreading the word that is Contraception is not a controversy.